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Welcome! It's been awhile, but we're back for a bit. ^-^

TBA! lol i prommy ill work on it this time.... i am fluoxitine-bossing and am more motivated than ever

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Now open to the public! I still have to add a million more pixels + codes so pleasee be patient, I just wanted to release it first. ♡♡ Happy carrding!

(Abt The Admin!)

Hello!! I'm Kiana (she) and I'm the proud admin of supplies.ju.mp ♡♡ It has been quite a while since I last updated due to life getting busy, depression, and other things that have been a pain in the ass. Along with the carrd being so fucking ugly it made me wanna smash my head into the wall (still not great, tbh). I'm rambling but you get the point, updates were on pause for a few months.

Now, due to being in a better mental state and life calming down, I'm super excited to say that updates are returning!! :D And with 91k views as of writing this, I have to say it's a bit intimidating coming back to this.. @[email protected] But hopefully supplies.ju.mp will go back to it's further glory days, LMFAO.

This doesn't really matter but I wanted to put it anyways, I am a massive fucking orbit as some avid supplies.ju.mp fans might remember that was literally the only info about me on the carrd, LOL. It was through the sheer power of LOONA that I was able to finish this carrd, thank them. ♡♡ Happy carrding!

(Tiny Pixels)