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the log 🤓

[5/15/2022] i really wanna add more graphics but i dont wanna wait 45 minutes to open the carrd in the builder
[5/11/2022] massive layout change i think. excuse the influx of edgy ass graphics im trying to garner as many audiences as i can
[4/22/2022] updates + kiiiinda new layout not really.
[4/11/2022] WOW. its been awhile.. teeny update i just felt in the mood today ^____^
[1/24/2022] teeny weeny redo! ALSO! tysm much 11k visits :)
[2/25/2022] ive been busy w school so i probably wont update for a little but WOW ty for 18k !!!!

kieran 🐟

heyy im kieran or dior or whatever i use she/he pronouns only. i really like loona and thats kiiiiinda all there is abt me to say !holy cow thanks for 60kthe layout is sorta ugly but tbh i really dgaf

some tips

if u agree with all of these take it 100% seriously but if u think im dumb then im not serious it was just a lil jokey joke

  • name ur embeds it will save ur life i promise

  • stop starting shit in cboxes. a) it will get u ip grabbed b) its annoying

  • idgaf if u dislike blueberry muffins how old are you

  • im going to assume most ppl w carrd pro dont do this but i dont really wanna have to click 3 different pngs of jimin to see ur dni

  • this is incredibly rich coming from me but put some color and creativity in ur carrds idk.

  • mainly 4 kpop stans, dont put every single group u listen to on ur carrds just put ur ults and move on

  • stop it with the spotify, free therapy, netflix, twitter, discord, 4chan, ARCH1!VE?!, text heavy website carrds.

  • nobody cares if ur irish german polish whatever just put white

  • stop making ur line spacing and letter spacing so small.

  • some ppl overdo it with the fonts. also the press start font is ugly. the lovely font too like it has run its course, let go of it.

  • rm/ib creds are kiiiiinda excessive sometimes tbh

  • dont stuff so much info in a tiny scrollbox

  • its time to retire the kosugi font unless it really fits the aesthetic but yall are just shoving that damn font anywhere

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dividers / backgrounds

transparent backgrounds 🏳️⚧️

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liminal spaces & associated



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